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At Hart Bridge Consulting we provide a wide range of support services designed to boost your operational agility and growth while working in tandem with your strategic business goals


  • Are you looking to expand or relocate your business?

  • Are you looking to generate new revenue streams?

  • Are you looking to reduce budgets or cut operational spending?

  • Are you looking to secure investment or raise funds?

For pragmatic, focused support in business planning and budgeting, Hart Bridge Consulting can assist fast-growth businesses looking to take their business to the next level. From developing a comprehensive budget and cash flow overview upon which to benchmark and compare actual operational results, to supporting businesses in becoming more financially agile, having visibility of your expected outcome for the financial year can be invaluable if you are looking to expand, grow new revenue streams, secure funding or indeed reduce costs.


  • Are you confident that the terms of your supplier contracts are in the best interests of your business?

  • Do you understand the deliverables of your service contracts and are they fit for purpose?

  • Do you have a complete overview of your supplier contracts and your contractual obligations?

  • Are you familiar with the contract terms and clauses in place and do you know how to exit an agreement?

Businesses often have numerous service contracts with suppliers for anything from lift and fire alarm maintenance to mobile phones, Internet providers, system software support and more.  Often these contracts are historic and automatically renew without sufficient consideration for the terms and conditions (with the exception of the cost, budget and service being satisfactory).  To manage risk and protect the business from unexpected costs, it is vital to ensure contracts are not only value for money but are providing a service that is relevant to the businesses needs. 

Hart Bridge Consulting is experienced in reviewing existing contracts, recommending terms to be considered for renegotiation upon renewal, areas of contracts that are vague or unsatisfactory when it comes to performance and managing the service delivered and also highlighting areas for improvement of commercial terms.  Unlike a general legal audit, the focus of our contract audits is on validating commercial terms and scope of service versus value for money for the business.


  • Are you concerned about increasing costs within your business?

  • Are you worried about out of control spending?

  • Are you looking to find a balance between cost and quality?

  • Are you looking for impartial advice to improve your cost management?

Spending is a multi-faceted area within business and finding the balance between value for money and quality of product or service is always open for interpretation.  But reviewing spending at regular intervals is vital for short and long term business survival, especially in today’s competitive environment.  Whether your business needs focus on a single area such as engineering and maintenance, or you are looking to challenge your existing assumptions surrounding cost management, Hart Bridge Consulting can provide the right support for your business.  Having worked closely with procurement and department heads dealing with RFP’s (requests for proposals), evaluating tenders and negotiating fixed price contracts we can bring an impartial perspective that will challenge existing assumptions and help you to manage your costs more effectively.


  • Are you looking to reach out more effectively to key prospects?

  • Are you interested in looking at feasibility or competitor analysis?

  • Are you relocating your business or opening in another territory?

If you are lacking in time and resource but are keen to obtain accurate, verified information and develop a wider knowledge related to an issue that could affect your business, then look no further.  With a focused approach tailored to your requirements, Hart Bridge Consulting is experienced in supporting businesses with bespoke research and analysis projects, which can be time-consuming.  We also have special access and insight into overseas markets such as Iceland, for example, and we can deliver the comprehensive research and provide you with an executive summary of the key findings for specific projects.


  • Are you implementing a new accounting, HR, payroll or procurement system?

  • Do you lack the professional resource to project manage a system implementation

  • Do you have a comprehensive understanding of what the business needs from a finance perspective when implementing the system?

The implementation of new systems into your business, whether accounting, HR, payroll or procurement is a time-consuming and sometimes complex process.  It also means there is rarely time or appropriate resource available in-house to effectively project manage the implementation. System implementations are not completed in isolation from the wider team and often require a dedicated resource to ensure delivery in a timely and effective manner.  Have a look at the article: Time to Spare

The owner of Hart Bridge Consulting has experience in of implementations systems such as SAP, BST and Great Plains accounting systems as well as Fourth HR, TimeClock, payroll and inventory systems, ADP Freedom HR & Payroll etc. Should you need support in this arena, we have a comprehensive understanding of what the business needs from a finance perspective in terms of implementing these systems.


  • Are you making changes to your business processes?

  • Are you making improvements to your team structure?

  • Do you have a vacancy and are looking to bridge the gap or prepare for a future role in the interim?

Hart Bridge Consulting can provide consultants experienced in managing finance teams of all shapes and sizes. Whether your requirement is related to under-performing teams or teams in need of re-structure, we can help.  We can also provide project management support for specific changes in your business such as implementing new accounting, payroll, HR or procurement systems and where applicable we can scope out custom reports to make sound decision making more fluid. Equally, if you are looking at process improvements designed to increase efficiency for your business, then our interim management service could be a viable option.


  • Are there potential weaknesses in your business processes?

  • Do you need a fresh, experienced pair of eyes?

  • Do you need support with cash flow or payment processes?

  • Have you made changes to your business systems without updating your processes & procedures?

Providing comprehensive support or guiding business managers in the process mapping of key tasks and functions is second nature to Hart Bridge Consulting.  We have the experience and insight to identify key areas of weakness in your business processes as well as the capability and the tools to help strengthen these.  If new procedures are required, we can develop these for you.  Processes are often written early on for businesses but can quickly find their way onto the back burner.  Our approach is consistent with regular reviews that take into account changes to systems, personnel or reporting lines.  Working with processes that are no longer fit for purpose is ineffective and can put businesses at risk.


At Hart Bridge Consulting, we also have access to a wider network of professionals across several specific complimentary service areas.  Please ask us if you require additional support in any of the following areas and we can find the right support for your business:

  • HR consultancy

  • Tax

  • Accounting

  • Legal

  • Sales or purchase (brokers)

  • Investment

  • Asset management